Have a Spring Wedding in Hunter Valley This Year

Are you considering having a spring wedding in the Hunter Valley area but aren’t sure where to stay? Have no fear as we have some pretty spectacular accommodations in the area that have some killer views. Staying in one of our Hunter Valley accommodation will keep you near some of the venues or near the local wineries. You can also book your Hunter Vally wedding accommodation at some of our rental homes! Let’s look at what there is to do in the area to help you be ready for your wedding.

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Hunter Valley & Weddings

Hunter Valley is located about 2 hours from Sydney and there are many things to do in the area. It is known as Australia’s oldest wine region with over 150 wineries for you and the wedding party to enjoy. If you have plans on getting married in the area, be sure to call us first as we can now accommodate up to 250 people to stay with us. Some of the venues that you can check out to have the wedding at would be Albion Farm Gardens. It offers you over 100 acres of farmland and 25 acres of gardens. Another favorite locations that many of our guests love to head to is The Lodge at Tamburlaine Organic Wines. It offers you an elegance and atmosphere paired with the utmost privacy. The surrounding grounds and vineyards make it an ideal backdrop to capture your special day and will help create memories that will last forever. The Barrel Room where you can have your wedding reception at and use of the Pepper Creek Chapel. What a beautiful location to have your pictures taken and feel like you will never find anything more luxurious again.

Activities in the Area

If you are looking for fun activities to do before the wedding, then look no further. Depending on what you’d like to do, there are plenty of thing to do in the area. Have an adventure by enjoying horseback riding or hiking in the Werakata National Park for the day. The Hunter Valley Zoo has many animals to view and you can take part in their interactive feedings. There are many other activities that you can do in the area, but these are just a few things to do.


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While many come to the Hunter Valley for the activities they can do, coming to enjoy the wineries is perfect too. With so many wineries around the area, there are many to visit and even have some group tastings with your wedding party. Some of the wineries around happen to be De Bortoli Wines, Scarborough Wine Co., and Tulloch Wines. The wineries all have experiences and tastings you can take advantage of. You can also taste some of their finest wines, and food they offer to many.

There are many different experiences you can take part in while visiting the Hunter Valley area for your wedding. You may not have time to visit them all on one trip, but you could visit again in the future. If you are still looking for a beautiful Hunter Valley holiday accommodation, we have many for you to book. We can’t wait for you to come and view the beautiful area that is here for you to explore!

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